A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Cloudwalker is a platforming game that has players taking on the role of the mythological monkey king, Sun Wukong, as he Cloud surfs his way through the heavens and unravels a mind-bending mystery. Along the way, the immortal Wukong is pitted against the embodiment of desire itself to overcome his own character flaws and challenge players to question how they define their game-playing goals.

Update Notes

Version 2.3 [Latest]

  • Opened up a few tight corridors to improve ease-of-navigation
  • Added dialogue to clarify the locked door that needs "keys"
  • Turned an open area into a more guided corridor of dead ends and hidden treasure
  • Tightened up the collider to allow for more precise dashing through dangerous corridors

Version 2.2

  • The structure of the game's ending no longer kicks you out of the game itself for demoing purposes, so a new slideshow expressing the game's intent and lessons to be learned plays upon "winning"
  • Collect at least one Spirit Orb to enable Slow Time (Hold Shift to slow down time by 50%)
  • Updated a number of art-related bits, adding and removing elements
  • Fixed a few odds and ends related to bad colliders, odd placement of this and that, etc.
  • Rewrote some of the dialogue

Version 2.1b

  • Reduced Wukong's Cloud Dash speed to improve control when navigating some of the game's tight corridors
  • Spirit Orbs now increase Wukong's (er, Cloud-o's) Dash Speed
  • Added a few safe zones to those lava-filled corridors
  • Added/modified dialogue to better communicate the game's purpose
  • Extended the "final area" to allow for more dialogue


Arrow Keys to Move/Jump/Crouch

WAD to Cloudwalk (Air Dash)

S to Cancel Cloudwalking

SHIFT to Slow Down Time (After collecting at least one orb)


Music by Quantum Dylan

A Game by Mars Ashton 


Cloudwalker [Windows] 47 MB
Cloudwalker[Mac] 52 MB

Install instructions

Extract the .zip's contents and use the executable to play!