A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

N O I R is a cyberpunk adventure game where you play as the mysterious Noir El Arken, a bounty hunter on their final hunt for someone named "Omphalos". Arriving at their last known location you must investigate the local riffraff to determine their whereabouts and use your own deduction skills to follow any leads.

Arrow Keys to Move. Z, X, C for dialogue. Z to Dash. X to Interact.

Music by the extremely talented Dylan Packard.

Work in progress. Subject to change or be discontinued. 

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Version History //

u3: Text appears more slowly and at a nicer pace, dialogue options are instantly revealed to make backtracking faster,  improved legibility of the "x" interaction indicator prompt, updated a sequence to include art~

u2: Added intro and new characters in the bar and in the back of the bar

u1: Base prototype.

Install instructions

For Windows users, simply use the .exe. A .swf is included for Mac users that can be played using the Adobe Flash Player.


NOIR.zip 23 MB