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Gunsheath is a hack-n-shmup (hack and slash/shoot em up) where you take on the role of a skybound gun-and-blade-wielding mech named "Dyne" as they defend the skies from an enemy fleet of drones, battleships, and a group of mysterious mechs.

Earn new weapons, armor, and special weapons called "Gear" as you clear each level and complete specific Mastery challenges. Avoiding damage, using nothing but your melee weapon, or defeating every enemy in a stage will provide additional rewards to unlock these items or unique cosmetics like colors for your character and HUD or weapons normally not available through general play.

Currently, this project is in a prototype state and available for testing purposes. The following details may not be reflected in the demo.


  • Dodge this: Fast-Paced Shooting, Slashing, Dashing
  • Cosmetics: Customize your color scheme, armor style, weapons and more
  • Progression: Earn Upgrades for your character like new weapons, speed enhancements, etc.
  • Masteries: Complete specific/obscure objectives for unique rewards
  • That Look, Though: A brilliant, colorful world set in the world of the Axis Anthology
  • Built in Flash - Yeah, THAT Flash, which means the file size is small and loading times are nonexistent!
  • Great Tunes: Music by the award-winning Dylan Packard - vibe with the music maestro's wavy waves

Current Prototype Version: 0.33

- All enemies now have idle animations
- The Rifle's first shot now has a "Draw Shot" that pierces enemies (continue holding the shoot key to shoot regular bullets after this shot)
- Greatsword attacks now use a 3-hit combo system with the 2nd and 3rd strike moving you forward
- Greatsword's charge attack is now a wave beam with some verticality instead of a rotating spinning slash
- Reduced any delay when selecting equipment in the arsenal menu
- Level 3's boss has been given a visual upgrade (more animation frames, more visual fx, tighter hitbox)
- A new type of Murple enemy has been implemented that spits a homing acid projectile when you get close
- Adjusted the enemy placement of Level 3
- Adjusted the placement of the game HUD



Install instructions

Unzip the package and use the .exe to play!

Development log