Welcome new players! Update 2.4 is coming soon!

Hey folks,

Thank you for supporting the cause and jumping into Flux as a result. I'm seeing hundreds of folks install the live build and want to reach out to share some plans for the near future.

Update 2.4 will be arriving this week and includes a large number of bug fixes, tweaks, and some major changes to the Assault game mode's mechanics. Blocking and Countering are being removed in favor of the addition of several cooldown-based attacks. Heavy/charge attacks are also being streamlined and are now "Shieldbreaker" attacks to properly explain what they do. I was working on a much larger, 3.0-style update, but wanted to get some content and fixes out now given all of this traffic!

The 3 special attacks are as follows:

Brightpulse - Stuns enemies in front of you for a brief period of time.

Highleap - Temporarily evades enemy attacks before delivering a powerful stomp that breaks shields. 

Blink Strike - A room-wide attack that now returns you to your original position.

Thank you again! 

Let me know if you run into any bugs or issues!

- Mars

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