Flux v2.5 is live for Windows!

This update overhauled the Wardrobe closet found in the player's room.  On the front end it shows off your cosmetic loadout better, while on the back end it allows me to introduce new items more easily than before. As a bonus, you can also modify your hair color and a new outfit and helmet are available!

Update Notes:

- You can now change your hair color at the Wardrobe closet
- Revamped the Wardrobe UI to accommodate other changes
- Added the Rainbow Vest outfit
- Added the Sellsword Crest Helm
- Fixed an issue that would cause the Wardrobe UI to open and then gradually fade
- Fixed an issue with a shadow popping over Wanderer's legs in Stonewall


Flux[Windows] 71 MB
Jul 07, 2020

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