Flux's 2.8 update is here!

Yo! It's been some time, I'll admit. This project was built in so many phases for so many different reasons. Graduate class projects, a full fledged steam release, and a contribution to a number of exhibitions and competitions. It blossomed into an example of what I can do, how I can improve, and what my academic career would be all about. Now, I'm beyond that. Revisiting this project was a complicated endeavor. There are so many things I would do differently with it now. But, in order to preserve what it is, faults and all, this update is designed to "do what it can". A polish. A bit of iteration. Some additional clarity.

All in all, I'm proud to have seen this be nominated for a Best in Show - Art category among some amazing indie titles at GDEX. I feel fortunate to have had it accepted at a number of venues to be shown off, discussed, and played. I'm honored to have had this be part of the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality - a highlight for sure. Flux is about setting a mood. Vibing. And telling a part of a tale that is deeply personal to me. As Gren carries out the daily cycle and longs for a distant love, I too once harbored these same feelings. Now, after what feels like lifetimes, my own circumstances have changed dramatically. But, I'm still that kid in his room trying to make connections and ready to escape in worlds of fantasy, thrills, and really good music.

I hope you'll enjoy the following changes~

New Content:

  • 3 New Hairstyles (Bunbun Style, Pirate Wings, Safer Bind)
  • 3 New Outfits (Ronin Plate, Raiden Wrap, Ghostmeld)
  • 3 New Helms (Sashi Helm, Wyvern Crest, Ghosmeld)
  • Gren’s gauntlet art updates if all 3 gauntlet augments are installed
  • A new pathway of areas connecting the beach to the bar with new NPC locations and inspectables, effectively turning the game's explorable area into a loop

Removal of Timer:

  • The timer mechanic has been removed from the game
  • Now, after completing a job, you can return to your bed and rest until the next day
  • Trying to do so before taking a job each day will result in a message encouraging you to take a job

Assault Mode Changes:

  • Reduced the size and adjusted the speed of characters in this mode
  • Lengthened the stagger time for enemies so their reaction time post-hit isn’t so quick
  • Lengthened the duration of the player’s Dash when wielding Daggers
  • Heavy Attacks (S) can be held and released and have had their animations adjusted
  • Added a third possible attack anim for the basic sword combo

New Introduction Sequence:

  • When beginning a new game, the inner monologue now plays out while out in the city
  • After the dialogue it’ll drop you right into a freestyle mode job
  • Returning will bring you to the apartment and require you to talk to Mulberry before you can leave, effectively completing the new tutorial

Zone Indicators:

  • As part of the guides that can be disabled with ALT, UI indicators now exist that show you where you can move between areas

General Changes/Fixes:

  • In the new areas there are two inspectables that will refill your potions and daggers for free!
  • Changed the text for each game mode during jobs to better describe their purpose
  • Added additional emotes that occur throughout NPC dialogue for Gren
  • Adjusted animations for swapping weapons
  • Adjusted text settings for a few UI elements to improve legibility
  • Fixed an issue where Gren’s shadow was cast on top of them in a certain area
  • Added a “press space” indicator to dialogue
  • Removed the dash SFX from Blade Dashing
  • Pressing Up or Down while Blade Dashing no longer pushes you in that direction automatically
  • Fixed an issue where pressing Up/Down while Blade Dashing
  • Adjusted a few text fields that were too big or using the wrong anti-aliasing setting
  • Fixed an issue where augments would improperly display “purchase” prompts
  • The Wardrobe now allows you to press left to go to the last entry in the list when you’re looking at the first option available
  • The Augment window now shows a highlight graphic for owned augments
  • The Augment UI now indicates currently active bike/mech skins


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May 17, 2022

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