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FLUX presents a dual experience: Interactive fiction and a series of mini-games that challenge you to type, hack-n-slash, organize or fidget to maintain speed, volume and maximize your rewards to earn cosmetic-buying in-game credits.

Wander, an ex-military courier, spends their nights joy riding/flying through the streets/skies of a sprawling cyberpunk cityscape. Working opposite shifts with their long-distance flame, Mulberry, they exchange messages with one another as one wakes and the other heads to bed. Learn more about the two as they exchange stories, get to know one another better, and reveal mysteries that are left open-ended.

Depending on the chosen game mode, players can maintain a Flux value that represents their current speed and the volume of the current music track by pressing keys on the keyboard, typing out entire words or solving visual puzzles. Each mode features unique values for earning bonus credits, like maxing your Flux or completing objectives. Current modes include:

  • Freestyle: WASD/Arrow Keys to boost Flux
  • Challenge: Randomly cycled letters to boost Flux
  • Spelling: Randomly selected words to boost Flux
  • Glyph: Rotate Glyphs on the right to match those on the left to max out Flux
  • Rash + Slash: Strike down incoming enemies!
  • Assault: Defeat enemies before they defeat you in this survival mode beat-em-up!

Feeling like zoning out? Get into the game and just cruise along at your own pace. The end goal for this game is to allow players to simply chill, relax, and find a meditative state within the experience. The story is supplemental to world-building for the experience, providing context for the character's extensive night rides.

For fans of 80s retro aesthetics, retro wave and cyberpunk themes.

In order to add your own music you must have the following: an mp3 format music file, the file renamed to "track1", "track2" or "track3", and finally the file must be added to the game's included Music folder. Once the game is run it'll automatically load up these tracks sequentially as you begin to cruise. If you want to play another song, simply stop cruising and begin again to "skip" that track!

Music by Quantum Dylan!


Changelog [Latest Build 2.4 Beta]

- New Outfits and Helmets are available! There are 8 Helmets and 4 Outfits that can be purchased~
- Currency is now rewarded upon maxing out Flux
- The amount and method of Currency awards is based on individual modes
- Added an introductory "how to play and progress" message to the first text Message
- Mecha Mode is now unique, blending Freestyle and Rash+Slash, providing a boost of money when completing a delivery
- Rash+Slash and Assault Mode are now available from the get go
- 15 Musings have been added
- B8L enemies now have a skydive attack that fixes their location to yours
- B8L enemies now have a period of invulnerability during a Charge Attack
- Dash speed during Assault Mode has been reduced from 18 to 15
- Rash+Slash Mode attacks can now chain into new attacks if you time your input
- The Market UI has been altered to remove redundancies
- Modified the Mech's windshield to add transparency
- Updated artwork for signs and posters in the city and the apartment
- Added a glow effect to parts of Wanderer's outfits and helmets
- Added a "more to come" message upon completing every available chapter regarding Mulberry (it ends when you access the Assault mode)
- Fixed Arrow Key UI elements having a transparent arrow after being pressed
- News is now hidden when accessing the Level Select menu
- Escape Key is now disabled
- The Minigame now goes away when accessing Mentions
- Modified the depth of Messages over News to prioritize Messages
- Hid unreleased options from the Market


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A beautiful game with some basic interactions to zone out to, which was really my main draw to it. Writing's sharp (perhaps a bit too dark?) and the music's pleasant to listen too. Great work!


Thank you!

I plan on going through all the current copy to makes some edits and revisions. I agree that things can get a bit dark, but I want to strike a nice balance between light and dark discussion between the two. Some of the conversations right now scratch the surface of a broader conversation that could be had between the two so once I flesh that out a bit more the context might help keep a nice balance. :D

(1 edit)

What really stuck out to me were the very bleak musings while joyriding. There's one about sleeping through war and needing to live up to the consequences, while chill music plays and you deliver packages in a peaceful, non-combat setting. The writing clashes with the atmosphere and the calm gameplay to the point I felt kinda confused about what the game wanted me to feel.

Also, on the gameplay side, the combat minigames feel sticky and lack that satisfying "punch" when you hit or kill an enemy. They're a lot less fun to play (or 'engaging' if you will) than the more calmer games. I get that they're supplementary, though, and I just stuck with more non-violent affairs.

Makes sense! Thanks for the feedback!

Okay, THIS is epic.





You're welcome