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A cyberpunk-themed minigame-packed adventure/beatemup/typing/rhythm game with a soundtrack you can customize! · By Mars Ashton


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Flux's 2.8 update is here!
Yo! It's been some time, I'll admit. This project was built in so many phases for so many different reasons. Graduate class projects, a full fledged steam relea...
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Update 2.7 is now live!
The latest version of Flux includes a brief narrative at the beginning of the game that provides a bit more context to the world, its characters, and how you fi...
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Flux v2.6 is live for Windows!
2.6 notes: A new series of dialogue is available via the drunk ambassador in the Glam Glam Bar (Keep your eyes peeled along the coast to the south of your apart...
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Flux v2.5 is live for Windows!
This update overhauled the Wardrobe closet found in the player's room. On the front end it shows off your cosmetic loadout better, while on the back end it all...
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Flux v2.4 is live for Windows!
Give the latest build a download for the following updates: - Added Brightpulse and Highleap attacks (replacing previous upgrades for charge speed and such) - B...
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Welcome new players! Update 2.4 is coming soon!
Hey folks, Thank you for supporting the cause and jumping into Flux as a result. I'm seeing hundreds of folks install the live build and want to reach out to sh...
Flux // Version 2.0 Update
The latest version of Flux seeks to expand upon what was working with the original game's release, introduce major improvements that could elevate the entire ex...
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Flux // Version 1.02 Update
Flux's NPC dialogue system has been given an overhaul! Prior to this update, walking up to and talking to a character would initiate one of three random respons...
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Last post
It said it was updated today but I don't see any changes (though I haven't tried actually downloading the current file y...
started by KeronCyst Dec 11, 2020
1 reply
Hi, I can't seem to find a way to save the game. I tried several keys but nothing seemed to bring up a "save game" optio...
started by Polaris134 Oct 03, 2020
5 replies
Hi! This is the first time I have done one of these topics, but I need help. I downloaded the game after purchasing the...
started by InvaderSoup Jun 10, 2020
8 replies
I'm using Wine on Manjaro. The game runs just fine, has music, all the buttons work, but I can't get out of the first ro...
started by lieset Aug 20, 2020
4 replies